Tights are an important accessory and can lift an entire outfit. Keep this in mind the next time you shop for tights!

1. Choose the right denier (den) when buying tights. Denier refers to the mass density of fibres in tights and gives an indication of their thickness. Thin, fine, light and transparent tights are usually 15-20 denier, while 50 denier tights and above are tighter, warmer and ideal for the cold weather.

2. Think of tights as an accessory. Tights are a really cheap and effective way to update your wardrobe. A forgotten, and perhaps slightly boring dress, can be given a new lease of life with some colourful or patterned tights.

3. Keep a wide selection of patterned and single-coloured tights in the drawer. This gives you more options and lets you create exciting contrasts and combinations with the clothes you have.

4. Tights are designed to match the rest of the trends for the season. See what’s available on the market; a new outfit can be transformed with the right season’s tights.

5. Remember that vertical patterns elongate and are perfect if you want to make your legs to look longer.

6. Not all tights are the same. Materials used, the finish and the production method all have a bearing on the quality. Good-quality tights feel better against the skin, last longer and look better. Pierre Robert tights are knitted in a polyamide mix (or wool), which feels soft and comfortable, offers great hold and elasticity and a nice, smooth surface. The Hosiery Collection is produced in Italy, which is renowned for high quality and is considered a specialist in tights production.