3 reasons to wear organic cotton


1. It’s better for the environment.

No nasties! Organic cotton is grown without any chemical fertilisers or pesticides and the soil is protected through crop rotation. Organic cotton requires far less water than ‘conventional’ cotton (up to 90% less!*) and the production process must meet stringent requirements for waste treatment and the use of dyes and chemicals.


2. It’s better for farmers and textile workers.

Organic cotton is better for everyone who works with the cotton plants, as they are not exposed to chemicals and pesticides that can be hazardous to health. Since hazardous chemicals are prohibited at every stage of the production process, organic cotton is also better for textile workers. GOTS also imposes requirements for protecting human rights, safe workplaces and worker rights throughout the entire process.


3. It’s better for you.

Smile and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your clothing was made under the best possible conditions with no harm to people, animals or the environment.


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*Source: GOTS 2017,