It’s true – people notice your socks and socks matter. The wrong socks can ruin an entire outfit, while the right socks separate the men from the boys. We’ve put together a few sock rules for you.

Choose the right kind of sock.

  • Use thin dress socks with dress shoes. Avoid thick socks and sports socks that protrude over the edge and do not match the style of the shoe. If you need to ‘stuff’ your socks into your shoes, they’re probably too thick.
  • Use functional sports socks for exercising. They fit snugly around the foot, prevent blisters and won’t slide down into your shoes when you run. They also wick away moisture from skin and keep feet dryer. Other types of socks do not have the same properties.
  • Socks and sandals do not go together. If it’s too cold for going barefoot, you shouldn’t be wearing sandals.
  • Wearing socks with shorts has become trendy, but requires a bit of knowledge about styling and fashion. If you’re not sure, don’t wear socks or wear ankle socks that cannot be seen.
  • Do your feet perspire heavily or the opposite: do you tend to have cold feet? Wool socks solve both problems. Wool socks transport moisture away from the skin and prevent bad odours. Thin wool socks are also heat-regulating and keep your feet at a comfortable temperature. Fine thin wool socks can easily be worn with a suit.
  • White sports socks, also called tennis socks, are intended for working out and playing tennis. Not working out or playing tennis? Then you shouldn’t wear tennis socks.

Black dress socks with black trousers, blue dress socks with blue trousers.

Your socks should match the colour of your trousers, not your shoes.

  • Socks and trousers in a matching colour scheme create an attractive and continuous line when you sit down and your socks become visible. Wear dark blue socks with blue trousers, black socks with black trousers and light socks with light trousers.
  • Do not wear light socks with dark trousers.
  • You CAN wear coloured or patterned socks with a dress. Socks in a contrasting colour add flair to an otherwise conservative outfit. Choose the same shade of colour for your socks and your shirt, tie, handkerchief, belt or suspenders. If you choose a pattern, use one that incorporates the colour of your trousers into the pattern.
  • Remember! Patterns and colours are informal, creative and playful. In a formal setting, you should always wear a dark suit with dark socks.

Patterned socks spruce up an otherwise bland outfit. To be on the safe side, make sure one of the colours in them matches the colour of your trousers.

Wear the right length socks.

Sit down and cross your legs. Can you see the skin on your leg between your socks and your trousers? Then your socks are too short. Your bare legs should not be visible, especially when wearing a suit.

Get rid of socks with holes in them.

Socks that are worn out, have holes or are washed out look shabby. Learn how to darn socks, give them a new life as a cleaning cloth, tie them together to make a play rope for your dog – or throw them out.