Socks in pumps:
How to dazzle in the trend

For years we’ve been told that you should never combine black and navy, that one piece swimsuits are for grannies and that wearing socks with sandals is for homesick Norwegians on holiday. But it’s time to bust these myths once and for all.

Take the ‘socks in pumps’ trend, for instance. Since the early 2000s, fashionistas around the globe (hello, SJP!) have been combining socks with all kinds of high-heeled footwear. And it works! Spring, summer or autumn – a pair of thin wool socks in a pair of fresh pumps works wonders when upgrading an outfit. But if you’re reading this and thinking ‘I’d never dare!’, we promise you it’s not as scary as it sounds. Here are five easy tips for shoe and sock combinations that are perfect for everyday outfits.

1. During the fashion weeks in Europe and New York, fun statement socks can be seen en masse in spectacular designer shoes. This style may seem more natural for international It girls and a little too outrageous for us mere mortals. Fortunately, there’s a more everyday twist to the street style look. All you need is a pencil skirt and a pair of simple black pumps. Combine the shoes with beige or light grey socks and voila! You’re ready for work or cocktails!

2. Are you feeling gutsy? Then we have a combination you’re guaranteed to like. Try combining a pair of tennis socks, preferably with logo, with a pair of high-heeled sandals. This is ‘athleisure’ at its best and a healthy dose of attitude is the most important accessory.

3. You can never go wrong with black on black – also when combining shoes and socks. But it’s important here that a dash of colour accents some other part of the outfit. Black patent leather shoes or black shoes with metallic details (like Valentino rock studs) create a nice contrast to matte, single-coloured socks. Alternatively, you can wear black socks with a pattern. Feeling particularly adventurous? Simply break two fashion rules in one go: combine navy socks with black shoes!

4. You don’t need to break out your sky-high heels for the ‘socks in pumps’ style. A low 60s heel is often perfect for a sophisticated look. (Get inspired by Audrey Hepburn and her iconic style in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.) If you really want to go wild with the retro look, we recommend a combination of dotted socks and black patent leather shoes.

5. If your outfit is a single colour, you can try wearing shoes with a pattern (like a leopard print). The best bet may be to wear low shoes with relatively simple socks. A pair of skinny jeans is perfect for this combination and the trousers should be ankle length to give the socks a little breathing space.