How to make your wool last

A new school year has begun, but that doesn’t mean the kids need a whole new wardrobe. All they need are clothes that can handle their active lifestyle. Wool is the perfect answer. Warm wool clothing is durable and machine washable, but to ensure your wool garments last longer, they should be cared for properly.

“When it comes to durable children’s clothes, wool is always an excellent choice. Wool has antibacterial properties that prevent odours, which means that wool does not need to be washed as often as other materials. If you air out wool garments after each use, they will last longer between washes,” explains Jorunn Heggdal, Design Manager at Pierre Robert.

If you decide to machine wash your child’s wool clothes, the following care instructions are recommended:

How to wash wool

- Wash your wool using your machine's wool cycle at 40 degrees C or less, and preferably at a low spin speed or no spin-dry at all. This keeps the wool from shedding or shrinking.

- Choose a detergent specifically made for wool that does not contain enzymes or bleach.

- Air dry all wool clothing instead of using the dryer. Wool stretches easily when wet. Hang heavy wool clothing from several points to distribute the weight evenly and prevent marks from clothes pegs.

Do you prefer woollen clothing that is thin enough to be used under other garments but won't wear out the first time your child goes out to play? Pierre Robert’s wool thermal pants are the perfect choice. This year, we’ve launched thermal pants that are three times as durable, tailored to children’s level of activity. 

 “We’ve kept the same delicate Merino wool, but reinforced it with polyester. The thermal pants are just as soft and itch-free as before,” says Heggdal.