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Tired of washed-out underwear, tights with holes in them and single socks? Don’t despair – we’ve made it easy for you to update your entire family’s underwear collection. Here you will find all of our regular offers in one place.


The first layer of comfort: 4 for 3 panties

Do you have a favourite set of underwear? Some are too small, some are for festive occasions, while others are perfect for crawling into bed and reading a book. What you wear closest to your skin should be both comfortable and functional, but who doesn’t feel a little extra special when wearing a crisp new set of underwear? Spruce up your underwear drawer and get rid of all those ragged edges and over-stretched lace.

Here you can get 4 for 3 on women’s underwear. You also get 4 for 3 on this season’s children's underwear.


Single sock in search of a partner: 5 for 250

Choose your socks carefully and your feet will thank you. During the winter, it’s wise to invest in a pair of quality wool socks that keep your feet warm and dry. In the summer, cotton and modal are good natural alternatives that are breathable and keep the skin on your feet from feeling clammy.

We’re convinced that the washing machine eats our socks. If searching for socks on the run drives you mad and you have a drawer filled with single socks full of holes, it's time to invest in a few new pairs. Choose a colour that won't be a problem if one or two socks decide to run for it, so you'll always have matching socks!

Get five pairs of women’s socks for 250 NOK or five pairs of men’s socks for 250 NOK.


See our sock rules for men!


Get rid of all those single socks filled with holes and stock your drawer with a few fresh pairs. We’ll give you 5 for 250 NOK.

Good night, sleep tights: 4 for 3 tights

If you have thick tights in your drawer, it’s easier to wear a dress or skirt during winter and get more out of your wardrobe. Tights in a range of colours and patterns are also an easy way to add variety to a basic wardrobe, while a pair of statement tights can turn a plain outfit into a killer look.

It’s time to say goodnight to tights with holes in them. Fill up your drawers, so you’re always armed and ready. Here you can get 4 for 3 on women’s tights.

How to choose the right tights for any occasion.


Bargains for boys: 4 for 3 boxers

Go for quality from the inside out: good boxers should have a snug, comfortable fit and look attractive. At Pierre Robert, we have boxers for physical activity and for everyday wear. This is a deliberate distinction. Sports boxers in microfibre are treated with MaxDry™ technology to wick moisture away from skin and dry quickly. Everyday boxers are made of breathable cotton and have stretch details for added comfort.

When it’s time to trade in your worn-out boxers for a few new pairs, you’ll find 4 for 3 on all men’s boxers here.


Everything can be repeated – recycle!

Old socks, tights and underwear can be recycled, so they should not be disposed of as household waste. Place them in a separate bag marked 'textile waste/to be recycled' and give them to your local Salvation Army or Goodwill centre. Read more about sorting textile waste.