Hanneli X Pierre Robert

8 questions
with Hanneli


It's never too early to look forward to autumn. This August, we'll be launching our designer collaboration with fashion icon Hanneli Mustaparta. Look forward to soft and warm merino wool with a clean-cut fit and soft, delicate colours. In the mean time, get to know the woman behind the collection.

Why work with Pierre Robert?

I've always had Pierre Robert in my suitcase at Paris Fashion Week. In winter it's freezing, and you're dressed head to toe in thin clothes by the big designers. Editors have asked me how I can withstand the cold. That's when I've shown them my Pierre Robert wool tops and explained that "in Norway, everyone knows to use wool for your inner layer". In addition to this, the clothes are of high quality, and I like the fact that they're available to everyone, no matter where they live in Norway.


What was your vision for the collection?

I wanted to create clothing that would keep you warm, but that you could still use as a stand-alone piece of clothing.


"I've always had Pierre Robert in my suitcase at Paris Fashion Week."


In your experience, what are the 3 greatest differences between working in Oslo, and working in New York?

New York, where everything has to be highly efficient, - people won't go home until something's done, and you give it your all  - all the time, has an energy that suits me and that has brung out the best in me. However, I do se that this can be intense in the long run, so working in Norway has been a really good experience for me. People here are skilled, smart and fun to work with. In Norway we're also better at taking the time to enjoy life and have a good time, and you can't go through life without having had plenty of enjoyment and good times. 



What's the best thing about the colour pink?

Pastel pink is a very positive colour. You love it your whole life, but it has to be used carefully and in different ways through life. Really, what's not great about pink?


«We have a morning in Oslo,» what should we do?

Take a workout class at The Room with Helle, then go by the Juicery for a healthy smoothie, before you head over to the fantastic Gimle perfumery to find a unique perfume that no one else has - before you ride your bike overt to Grünerløkka for lunch at Kamai.


"Pastel pink is a very positive colour. You love it your whole life."


«We have a 24 hour stop-over in New York. What should we do?

Take a workout class at Flywheel, then a grab a delicious brunch at EN Japanese Brasserie, before riding your bike up to Pier 40, where they have Trapeze lessons. Then get lunch at Bar Pitti, before heading home for a rest and on to dinner at Little Owl or Blue Ribbon Sushi. Let the night take you to the Lower East side for a little billiard at Miss Sophies.


What's the biggest difference between Oslo-fashion and New York-fashion?

I find that girls in Norway are very on-trend, and see an enormous difference after Instagram.


" I find that girls in Norway are very on-trend."



Which piece from the collection will you give to your best friend?

I have several good friends who will get clothes from the collection, and since they're all great in they're own way, it will be a good mix.