Pierre Robert sports bra in mulesing-free Merino wool2016 – Sports Collection Wool


Why you should use
a wool bra and panties

Do you still wear a cotton bra and panties under your wool clothing?
It can reduce the effect.

Most of us know to wear wool as the innermost layer in wintertime, but many still wear a cotton/synthetic bra and panties as their innermost layer. Why not wool? First and foremost, forget granny’s old-fashioned wool underwear. Today’s panties and bras in Merino wool don’t itch, are thin and soft and have great stretch, flattering colours and the perfect fit.

Pierre Robert sports wool – Wool bra and tights in Merino wool – AW16 Wool Sports Collection

Wool undergarments should be worn closest to the skin, including a bra and panties in wool.

Wool has unique properties that make it perfect for underwear. It regulates body temperature and insulates against the cold. It also wicks moisture away from skin so that you don't feel clammy or shivery, and it has self-cleaning and antibacterial properties that prevent odours and make it possible to wear longer between washes.

To get the most out of wool underwear, it should be worn closest to skin. Its positive qualities are reduced if you have a middle layer with a bra and panties made of cotton or synthetic material. When you sweat, cotton absorbs moisture and feels wet and cold against skin.




Pierre Robert sports bra and panties in wool, AW16 Wool Sports Collection.

1. When hiking in the fall/spring

2. When spending time in the snow, especially when alternating between activity and sitting in the snow/taking breaks, such as when sledging.

3. On the slopes – everyone knows you sweat on the way down and freeze on the way up. Wool underwear is comfortable, keeps you dry and insulates against cold ski lifts.

4. Every day of the week! Wool is comfortable in almost any situation and Pierre Robert's wool underwear is perfect for everyday wear.

P.S. A wool bra is also great to wear during pregnancy and breastfeeding! Wool is comfortable and soft and can help prevent mastitis.