Pierre Robert Group

Pierre Robert Group (PRG) owns the Pierre Robert and La Mote trademarks and develops basic garments for women, men and children. We believe in the perfect combination of comfort and style. With crisp, clean designs we draw inspiration from the Scandinavian way of life, and all our clothes are designed by our Scandinavian design team in Oslo.

All our garments are designed by our Scandinavian design team in Oslo. We are very focused on quality and closely monitor product quality, HSE and corporate social responsibility among our suppliers.

We emphasize quality throughout the supply chain, and work closely with our suppliers to secure ethical, social and environmental principles, and high standards of product quality.

With our expertise and strong brands, we will contribute to growth and profitability of the Nordic grocery industry. The company has 177 employees in Norway and Sweden and operating income in 2014 was NOK 544 million. Pierre Robert Group is a part of the group Orkla, under the business unit Orkla Home and Personal. We have an office in Stockholm and our headquarters are in Oslo.


Pierre Robert Group was originally established as Hjemmets Produkter in 1956, and the La Mote trademark was launched in 1959. The company eventually became HOME’s AS, before it was bought up by Lilleborg. The Pierre Robert brand name was bought in 2006, and Pierre Robert Lingerie was the company’s first new collection. The company changed its name to Pierre Robert Group in 2008 and now owns the Pierre Robert and La Mote trademarks.

Significant milestones in Pierre Robert’s history:

  • 2014 Pierre Robert launches the Shape Collection
  • 2013 Pierre Robert Webshop launched
  • 2010 Pierre Robert launches the Sport Collection
  • 2009 Wins Design Effect Award and launches Pierre Robert Young Collection Wool
  • 2008 Changes name to Pierre Robert Group, launches the Pierre Robert Wool Collection
  • 2006 Launches Pierre Robert Lingerie
  • 2006 Buys the Pierre Robert trademark
  • 1999 Buys up AB Freds 1994 La Mote AS is established as the company name
  • 1990 Lilleborg takes over HOME’s AS 1977 Hjemmet’s produkter become HOME’s AS
  • 1959 La Mote is launched
  • 1956 The company was established as Hjemmets produkter AS

Over the past few years, the Pierre Robert Group has shifted large volumes of underwear sales from retail shops, i.e. traditional clothing shops, to supermarkets. By building up a new product and with a strong focus on design, Pierre Robert Group has revolutionised the retail trade’s share of the textile market.

Scandinavian Design Team

The Nordic lifestyle requires a high level of functionality and quality. Scandinavians live active lives, and the weather can be unpredictable and demanding.

At Pierre Robert, we believe that it is possible to look good and dress comfortably at the same time. Our clothing is carefully conceptualised and developed by our design team in Oslo, who adjust all garments to Nordic needs and Scandinavian style. We emphasize clean lines, a simple cut, a flattering fit and high-quality materials.

Our garments should feel soft against the skin and fit perfectly. To achieve a perfect fit, we test our products on many different people before they are approved. The design team also works closely with Pierre Robert’s purchasing department and our knowledgeable suppliers. The materials we use are hand-picked based on unique properties such as stretch and technical performance.

Pierre Robert’s Scandinavian design team consists of Head Designer, Jorunn Heggdal, Bente Helstrøm and associated freelancers. A purchaser and a product manager are also involved in each design project. In total, the design team is responsible for the each and every Pierre Robert garment, from the drawing board until it reaches you.

About sizes

About sizes

Within a single size, such as small, medium or large, there can be variations. Our sizes are made to fit everyone within each particular size, ranging from the smallish to the large.

Everyone is different and there is no standard body size or shape. At Pierre Robert, we want everyone to feel comfortable in our clothing. That is why we test our products on many different shapes within a particular size before lanching them to market.

To find the perfect fit, we do several rounds of tests and work closely with our purchasing department and knowledgable suppliers. Materials are carefully selected and hand-picked, based on unique characeristics such as stretch and technical performance. One size spans quite a range at Pierre Robert and takes into account those that are either a little on the small side or a little on the large side within their size. If you are unsure about which size is right for you, please use our size guide to find the perfect fit.


Determine your correct sports bra size by the measuring around your ribs, directly under your bust. Cup size is also important. An L-size sports bra will sit tighter on someone with an 85 D-cup than someone with 85B. Due to this, the right size for you will depend on your need for suppport and your personal preference.


If your regular bra size is 85B, you can choose between an L or XL sports bra, depending on how tight you would like the bra to be, and how much support you need for intended activity. For high-intensity exercise like running and aerobics, good support is essential, and you should choose L. For low-intensity activities like yoga, slow walking and gardening, you may prefer the XL for better comfort.

Is your regular bra-size larger than an E-cup? You can still wear our Sport Bra.

We have satisfied customers with bra sizes up to H-cup (65H), who use our bra for support when exercising. Because of the elasticity, the top can fit sizes other than those suggested by the measurements in the guide.

NB! Even if you have a large cup-size, follow the measurement under the bust. If the sports bra is too wide around the ribs/undert the bust, it will ride up. The bigger your cup-size, the more important it is that your sports bra sits tightly over the bust.

Still not sure?

Send us an email! We would be delighted to help you find the right size. To do this we need to know your regular bra size, what type of exercise you plan on using the sports bra for and whether you would prefer firm support or a slightly looser fit.