All about wool

We love wool! Wool is a fantastic and renewable natural material and wool underwear is the perfect base layer for both children and adults. But what do you do when wool shrinks, why should babies wear wool and what is mulesing-free merino wool? We’ve put together a number of wool facts, tips and advice. Find out everything from how to remove stains and washing wool to styling, trends and why you should wear wool in the summer.


We love wool! Find out why.


Whether you're going on a long weekend to New York or a conference in Berlin, nothing beats wool for travel. Thin, attractive merino wool is comfortable against skin and can be styled up or down and, with wool in your suitcase, you can pack fewer clothes.

At Pierre Robert we feel very strongly about animal welfare and use only certified mulesing-free wool.

Nothing beats wool against the skin - even on our youngest family members. Soft, itch-free merino wool has a number of properties that make it ideal for baby’s clothes – find out why.

All wool from Pierre Robert is machine washable, but to preserve it as long as possible, it is important that wool be washed correctly.

Wool can be saved from both moths and shrinking. Get first aid here!



Did you know that you can wear wool in warm weather? Thin, delicate merino wool feels cool on a warm summer day, and has a number of advantages that make it suitable for sunshine.