Kids' underwear

Design inspired by children’s drawings

Pierre Robert underwear for kids featuring hand-drawn designs inspired by children’s drawings.

Pierre Robert underwear for kids is popular with the younger set in Norway. Designer Bente Helstrøm drew the patterns byhand and gathered ideas from the world of children.

A lot of my inspiration comes from my 7-year-old son: how he plays, what intrigues him and his owndrawings. He has an amazing imagination and lots of thepatterns are adapted versions of his drawings.

Pattern drawings from Pierre Robert underwear for kids.

When designing, I always keep the user in mind. Active kids need underwear that fits snugly andmeets a number of criteria:

Pierre Robert designer Bente Helstrøm.
  • The fit must be perfect!
  • Fun colours and a design that kids love
  • Soft and stretchy high-quality cotton
  • A waistband that doesn’t pinch or bind
  • The fabric must be free of hazardous chemicals. We do not allow substances like DMF, phthalatesor other potentially harmful materials.