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The perfect panties survey

Yes, we love cotton panties!

Panties: small in size but big in importance. Some prefer lace, while others like ‘granny panties’ and, when it comes to coverage, tastes definitely differ. But, regardless of which style we prefer, most of us have one thing in common:
we want our panties to be made of cotton.

After all, we Norwegian women tend to be pretty sensible. Pierre Robert’s Ultimate Panty Survey showed that a whopping 55% of us prefer cotton panties. By way of comparison, only 3% prefer silk. Cotton breathes, is soft and comfortable, and can be washed at high temperatures. Practical and sensible – but perhaps a little too sensible? Are we too ‘no-nonsense’?

“Not at all,” says Jorunn Heggdal, Head Designer at Pierre Robert.

“We choose underwear that fits with a busy and modern lifestyle, but I think that the preference for cotton also reflects Scandinavian minimalism and a closeness to nature. We Norwegians tend to think of ourselves as no-nonsense, sporty, outdoor enthusiasts. Of course, this depends on the individual, but cotton panties fit this kind of lifestyle,” adds Heggdal.

The majority of Norwegian women want cotton panties – Photo Pierre Robert.

“Cotton breathes and doesn’t trap heat. It can be washed at 60 and 90 degrees without affecting the quality.” - Cotton Lover.


Number two on the list of Norwegian women’s favourite underwear fabric is microfibre, which is preferred by 23.2% of us. Microfibre fans like this fabric because it’s comfortable and soft, because it’s more ‘invisible’ and because clothes drape nicely over it.

“A little sexy, a little comfortable.” - Microfibre Fan.

“Microfibre feels a little more exclusive than cotton, without being impractical. It’s an incredibly soft and smooth fabric with good stretch, it's long-lasting and provides a comfortable fit. Thanks to the smooth surface, clothes also drape nicely over microfibre panties. Many women also like to wear microfibre panties when working out, probably because it’s so stretchy and thin and it’s not visible under sports tights,” explains Heggdal.

The hipster is the most popular panty style, followed closely by high-waist, Invisible panties without panty lines and boxers. The once very popular G-string panties are preferred by only 6.3% of us.

“Don’t like visible panty lines and don’t like panties that roll up under clothes.” - G-string Enthusiast.

“The high-waist style has undergone a renaissance in recent years and is also in keeping with the latest fashion trend of high-waisted trousers. If you’re wearing trousers or a skirt with a high waist, the best option is to wear high-waist panties underneath. G-strings were all the rage in the 90s and have disappeared somewhat from the fashion scene. We seldom see a G-string peeking out of jeans these days, partly because there is little need for them. After all, the idea behind the G-string was to prevent visible panty lines under thin trousers and dresses. The same effect can be achieved with invisible panties, which are more comfortable for most people,” adds Heggdal.


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Did you know…? Organic cotton is becoming increasingly popular. 45% of cotton lovers feel strongly about buying clothing made of organic cotton.