Staple items in the male wardrobe:

The white T-Shirt

What is a good white T-shirt for men and why should you have one in your wardrobe?

Pierre Robert Basic T-shirt for men.

– A white T-shirt is a classic suitable for everything from jeans to suits and is a garment that all men should have several of in their drawers. A good white T-shirt is made of quality cotton, so it maintains its shape, wash after wash. It shouldn’t be so thin that it becomes transparent, but thin enough that it is comfortable to wear under other garments. The fit should be snug so that it feels comfortable around the arms. “The neckline must sit perfectly and here it is particularly important to have high-quality stitching and detail so it looks clean and crisp”, says chief designer Pierre Robert, Jorunn Heggdal.


“A white t-shirt is a classic suitable for everything from jeans to suits and is a garment that all men should have several of in their drawers.”


The new, classic Pierre Robert T-shirt for men is made from a very comfortable, stretch cotton and has a stylish fit. Perfect as an undershirt, but also good looking enough to be worn alone.

The white T-shirt has several functions and a good T-shirt can be used for everything:

  • Wearing a T-shirt underneath will extend the use of your shirts and jumpers between washes, as they won’t come into direct contact with the skin and sweat. T-shirts are easy to wash and cheaper to replace than outer layers.
  • A soft cotton T-shirt feels comfortable against the skin and prevents itching caused by outer garments made from coarser, stiffer materials.
  • T-shirts are especially important under thinner shirts, where transparency may be an issue.
  • A T-shirt can be worn alone, without anything over it.

Where does your T-shirt come from?

Today’s T-shirt has evolved from a solid ‘one piece’ form of underwear, the original function of which was to protect the outer layer and other garments making it unnecessary to wash these as often, at the same time as preventing the coarser outerwear from scratching against the skin. Underwear also provides an additional insulating layer against the cold.

In the early 1900s, a light version without legs and with short arms was adopted by the American Defence Force and the modern T-shirt was born. The garment was cheap to produce, comfortable to wear and easy to wash. To prevent overheating and to protect the uniform from heavy and dirty work, soldiers began to wear only a T-shirt with nothing over it. By the end of World War 2, the trend had caught on. Still, it was in the 1950s that the T-shirt entered fashion history as one of our most popular garments. Two of the decades biggest movie stars, Marlon Brando and James Dean, had both allowed themselves to be immortalised in a tight T-shirt in A Streetcar Named Desire (1951) and Rootless Youth, respectively (1955). The T-shirt quickly became a hit in the new youth culture and has been with us ever since.

Washing tips!

Remember to wash your white T-shirt with other white garments so it doesn’t turn gray. Use a washing liquid that has been designed for whites.