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Tight jeans and stiletto heels are out. If you are looking for everyday wear in keeping with current fashion, the combination of sportswear and fashion-forward leisurewear is all the trend.

There is no doubt that the athleisure trend is here to stay. Jeans are increasingly being swapped for training tights and sneakers worn with a skirt have become an acceptable and fashionable go-to job uniform for Norwegian women. But even though sportswear is taking up more closet space than before, it takes more than just the right clothes to master the athleisure look. So how does this trend work in practice? Follow these five rules.


Pierre Robert sports bra and panties in wool, AW16 Wool Sports Collection.

1. Invest in clothing that combines fashion and technical functionality.

If you plan to wear sportswear all day long, it is important that the items look fresh (cotton leggings full of holes will not suffice) and are made of materials that are actually suitable for physical activity. Leisurewear with technical functionality has an attractive fit and keeps you warm and comfortable all day long.

Our sports wool clothing is perfect for creating the athleisure look. It combines the unique soft and temperature-regulating properties of Merino wool with the technical advantages of moisture-wicking base layer clothing. Merino wool fibres are incredibly elastic, so the clothing keeps its shape both during and after physical activity.


2. Keep it neutral.

Simple is often best – and this applies to athleisure too. Sportswear in bright fluorescent colours can quickly become too much of a good thing and give the impression that you are trying too hard. You are not going to be running a marathon in this outfit, so keep it simple, neutral and as sophisticated as possible.

Pierre Robert sports bra and panties in wool, AW16 Wool Sports Collection.


3. Remember accessories.

The difference between athleisure and regular sportswear lies in the accessories. And you only need one accessory to take the look from the sports centre to the street. Choose something that feels sporty. Wearing a flannel shirt around your waist looks cool and a textured leather jacket draped over your shoulders is a great added touch. And sunglasses in classic Wayfarer style are never out of place.



4. Remember to layer.

Multiple layers is key to converting an everyday sports outfit into something more fashion-forward. The idea is to experiment with different proportions and shapes to figure out what works for you. A sports shirt with a polo neck can look smashing under a white men’s button-down shirt or baggy knit sweater.



5. Consider your shoe choice.

Remember that athleisure is a combination of ‘athletic’ and ‘leisure’, so leave your worn-out running shoes in the wardrobe. Instead, wear a pair of Converse or Stan Smith Adidas. These have a greater ‘cool factor’ and are comfortable enough to use all day.