5 reasons to update your underwear drawer

After a long winter, there’s nothing more satisfying than switching your winter clothes with lightweight summer clothing in fresh and energising colours. And even though thick-knit sweaters are the first to be sent into storage, don’t underestimate the pleasure of updating your underwear drawer. Here are five good reasons to forget about all your old underwear.

1. A light breeze takes the heat out of a hot summer day. But a sudden gust of wind can raise your dress and show your underwear to the world. When this happens, we imagine you’d be grateful to be wearing panties in a flattering colour that cover you up well. Let Pierre Robert’s Cotton Boxers Lace in mint save the day.

2. Visible panty lines are never flattering, especially when seen under white trousers or a tight-fitting dress. With Pierre Robert’s Invisible Hipster Lace, you can avoid this problem. These panties have a unique lace edge that keeps them securely in place without riding up and they're not visible through thin fabrics. A soft and stretchy lace edge on the top has been added to the summer collection of Invisible Hipsters, perfect for those days when you want a little extra elegant touch.

3. If the colours of your underwear have faded after countless winter washing, it may be time to get rid of these old, grey panties.

Replace worn-out, dull panties with bright colours that put you in a good mood and make you think of carefree summer days.

4. Will you be spending your summer holiday walking along the seafront? If so, we recommend that you fill your suitcase with fresh new underwear before boarding the plane. Finding new underwear in tropical destinations can be challenging, so it’s a good idea to buy a few extra panties before your holiday.

5. Planning on going to a festival this summer? You may want to consider jeans with a low waist – the perfect opportunity to show off your new lace-edged panties. A hint of colourful lace gives a cool and playful look. Pierre Robert’s Invisible Hipster in Rose are perfect for wearing to a festival.