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4 reasons to have
a wool top in your wardrobe

You would be hard pressed to find a Scandinavian basic wardrobe that does not include a wool top. This simple, but extremely practical item of clothing serves multiple purposes during the winter season. If you invest in a quality wool top, you can wear it visibly under other items with confidence – or with nothing else at all. Why you should own one:

1. It’s sensible

The same rules that apply to children apply to adults! When temperatures drop below freezing or the wind starts gusting, nothing is more effective than the three-layer principle, with wool as the innermost layer. Wool never feels cold or clammy against skin, but keeps you warm, dry and comfortable.

2. It expands the possibilities of your winter wardrobe

Dressing right when temperatures drop can be challenging and it’s all too easy to end up with a winter uniform consisting of a baggy wool sweater and jeans. But wearing a wool shirt close to your body lets you wear a blouse, skirt, thin sweater or whatever else you may have in your wardrobe – even when it’s below freezing outside.

3. It’s perfect for travel

A wool singlet takes up little room and is highly versatile. It keeps you warm when it’s chilly outside and can be worn alone when temperatures rise. Wool also has soil-resistant and antibacterial properties, so a wool shirt can be worn several times before washing and does not tend to wrinkle.

4. It helps cut down on laundry and the environmental impact

Not only can wool be worn longer than other fabrics before washing, it can help you cut down on your laundry. Unless you get a stain on it, a wool shirt with sleeves will protect the clothing worn on top of it, so it too can be worn longer between washes.